Anabolic zma wikipedia

Any athlete or bodybuilder looking for strength gains and increased athletic performance should consider taking ZMA. Increased athletic activity and muscle stress causes a loss of vitamins and minerals, which make it particularly important for your body to replenish those nutrients due to the rise in blood sugar levels and increase in urination. When this occurs, a loss of magnesium, zinc, B12, B6, folic acid, and many other nutrients occurs, which makes taking ZMA even that more important!

To date, there have been no reported negative side effects directly related to taking ZMA. If you do have any additional concerns about any supplements you are taking or are considering taking, we here at always recommend speaking to your physician or doctor.

ZMA should be taken according to the label directions on the bottle of whatever brand you are using. It is, as a rule of thumb, generally taken before bed on an empty stomach 2 hours after eating your last meal.

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Really pleased I found this, because this does sound interesting. I’ve suspected that I could potentially be deficient in magnesium. I started taking these tablets but they’re huge chalky white things and I’m meant to take about four a day!?! The fact you say they’re capsules, I imagine they’re easier to swallow. I’m a runner, actually I’m training for a marathon at the moment – do you think these would help me? As for deep REM sleep, that’s exactly what I need, as I’ve had some sleeping issues off and on. Thanks.

Anabolic zma wikipedia

anabolic zma wikipedia