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In 1997, leading business figure Stan Wallis ( Businessweek bio ) produced a report of his inquiry into Australia's financial system (the Final Report of the Financial System Inquiry , commonly referred to as "the Wallis report." [10] ) which recommended that the "Four Pillars" model be dismantled, to leave the banks subject to the same merger competition tests as other businesses. In response, the then Coalition Treasurer Peter Costello 's removed the pillar status of the two insurers (National Mutual had by that time already been acquired by France's AXA ), but the ban on mergers of the remaining four banks was retained, with the rider that none of them were considered immune from foreign takeover. [11] With the change of government, new Treasurer Wayne Swan stated in 2008 that the Labor government has no plans to dismantle the four pillars policy. [11]

Supplies of antivenoms may be obtained from Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Australia. Struan Sutherland has suggested that metropolitan and regional hospitals should keep 4 ampoules of polyvalent antivenom and 4 ampoules for each type of snake that is found in the area. He also suggested that smaller centers should stock enough antivenom, as approprite for the local snake population, to manage one bite, unless the incidence of snakebite is unusually high or low in that area. In southern Victoria a combination of tiger (3000 units) and brown snake (1000 units) antivenoms can be used where the identity of the snake is unknown, and in Tasmania tiger snake antivenom alone (6000 units) is suitable. Shelf life is 3 years when stored in a refrigerator. Antivenoms should not be frozen.

Is it safe to drive in rural and remote areas?
Driving in rural and remote areas requires special driving skills and awareness of different road conditions. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and that it has been recently serviced. Always carry a spare tyre, tools and extra water. If you are travelling to remote areas off major highways, make sure you have plenty of fuel as well as food and water. There are often long distances between towns and facilities so it’s important that you plan your trip before setting off. If you are planning to travel to remote areas that are not on major highways, inform family or friends of your intended route and expected arrival time (ETA). You may also consider hiring emergency communications equipment like a satellite phone or an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPRIB) device.

Australian steroids site review

australian steroids site review


australian steroids site reviewaustralian steroids site reviewaustralian steroids site reviewaustralian steroids site reviewaustralian steroids site review