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You’re 24 years old. It’s the bottom of the eighth, down 1-0, you and Clemens. ‘Visualize,’ you tell yourself, ‘visualize.’ You need this, because the fear still keeps you up at night. What if some young kid coming up takes away your at-bats, then your position, then your father’s approval? It’s the reason you watch endless hours of tape, keying in on every pitcher’s tendencies. That’s why you know a fastball is coming — inside. You can still see the threads spinning. In your darkest hours, this is what you cling to, like a child sucking a pacifier. Head down. Hips turn. Boom. Rounding the bases, your feet never touch the ground. 

While the Pats were down 28-3, I told my buddy at a bar that I simply hoped they could reduce the lead so it was not a blow out. As the Pats edged their way back, I continued to drink heavily (beer and Jager). Suddenly they tied it and shit was on. I proceeded to get back to shit talking and ramp it up 10x (I probably said some racist shit, I am not even sure) to the point where my friends were visibly uncomfortable (as my gf told me the following day). When they scored the TD, I stood up on the table and gave two middle fingers to the three different tables (possibly 12 people in total, women included) I had been squawking at all game. It honestly looked like Conor McGregor and the bullshit he pulls in press conferences, except for the fact that I am slightly overweight and nobody finds me intimidating.

I think so many of you are missing the point here. While McCain is not flawless, he is an American hero, a man of dignity and honor. Being pugnacious isn't a flaw in politics, since you have to be tenacious and have a thick skin as well as being pugnacious when you have to be. I like a fighter....McCain might not be as pretty as Obama, but I would trust my life that this man would do whatever he needed to do to protect my civil rights, my American rights and my safety in these turbulent times. The House has been controlled by Democrats for the past 2 years and so is the Congress...why didn't congress do anything about the economy up until red flags? McCain wanted oversight of Freddie and Fannie and more controls back in 2005, Barney Frank said and I am paraphrasing this here kids.."Everything is fine, we are giving loans to people no matter what their credit or ability to pay"

Bad liar steroids

bad liar steroids


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