Blown out muscles from steroids

The two muscles that work in conjunction to form the lower leg (or calf) are the deeper soleus muscle and the more superficial (closer to the skin) gastrocnemius muscle. These muscles connect the heel to the back of the knee and act to plantar flex the ankle and extend the knee, which is necessary for walking, running, jumping and kicking. A calf strain injury usually occurs the mid leg and/or knee within the muscle belly. All muscle strains are categorized as either Grade I (tearing of a few muscle fibers), Grade II (more extensive muscle fiber damage) or Grade III (complete rupture of the muscle). [1] Getting a proper diagnosis of your calf muscle strain is crucial because it determines the type of treatment protocols you should follow.

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Expect follow-up treatment with a physical therapist. This is a severely debilitating injury and the muscle is apt to cause “ muscular atrophy ”, which is a condition where the muscle starts to deteriorate or harden from lack of use. Once your physician feels that you are ready to start using the calf muscle again he will prescribe physical therapy to counter this condition. This sports medicine therapy usually involves ultrasound treatments, sports massage (deep tissue and shallow tissue) and physical therapy to assist the recovery process. Sometimes hyperbaric therapy will be induced for muscle injury. This is an oxygen rich, atmospheric pressure regulated, treatment used to speed up the process of tissue regeneration.

Blown out muscles from steroids

blown out muscles from steroids


blown out muscles from steroidsblown out muscles from steroidsblown out muscles from steroidsblown out muscles from steroidsblown out muscles from steroids