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Plenty of actors are charming, though. When it comes to his immense global popularity, Johnson has other unique factors working in his favor, too: like his tough-to-place ethnicity. His own racial blend (black and Samoan) means he is blessed with skin the color of graham crackers, a perfectly roasted marshmallow, and Abraham Lincoln on the penny. It's a rare combination. In the last census, the number of Americans identifying as “Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander” (a blanket term that includes people who trace their lineage to Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, and lots of other small, warm islands) plus “Black or African American” was just 50,308. A figure so low it rounds out to percent of the total . population, though a more gracious person might say “less than percent.” In other words, if you meet a 45-year-old half-black, half-Samoan man living in the United States, the odds are shockingly high he will be Dwayne Johnson. This uncommon ethnic background means that, in the right light, he can read as Pacific Islander, Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American, Southeast Asian, undead Scorpion King from an ancient civilization, black, white, or any combo thereof. (Johnson says white people often guess he is “…Greek?”) In other words, pretty much anyone can find themselves, or a slightly tanner or paler version of themselves, in Dwayne Johnson if they look hard enough; appearance-wise, he has a hometown advantage everywhere on earth.

At D-Generation X: In Your House , Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock in under six minutes to retain the Intercontinental Championship. [50] The next night on Raw Is War , Austin was ordered by Mr. McMahon to defend the title in a rematch, but forfeited it to The Rock instead, handing him the title belt before hitting him with the Stone Cold Stunner . [51] [52] The Rock feuded with Austin and Ken Shamrock through the end of 1997 and beginning of 1998. [53] [54] On the March 30 episode of Raw is War , The Rock debuted a new Intercontinental Championship belt which was used to represent the title until October 2, 2011 , when the previous design was reused. Later that night, The Rock would also overthrow Faarooq as leader of the Nation of Domination to spark a feud between the two and successfully defended the Intercontinental title against Faarooq at Over the Edge: In Your House on May 31, 1998. [55]

Dwayne the rock johnson use steroids

dwayne the rock johnson use steroids


dwayne the rock johnson use steroidsdwayne the rock johnson use steroidsdwayne the rock johnson use steroidsdwayne the rock johnson use steroidsdwayne the rock johnson use steroids