Fluorinated corticosteroids list

MiracleCoat offers an unprecedented 35% fluorine content, the highest concentration available on the market.  The increased number of fluorine bonds  provides superior color stability with enhanced protection against weathering, UV, and chemicals. Typical applications only require a thickness of to mils dry film thickness (DFT) per coat and its free spreading characteristics, fast set time, and easy maintenance help minimize labor costs and down time. It is a sold as kit consisting of a solvent-based fluorinated polyol and an aliphatic urethane cross-linker.

Using cyclic ketone scaffolds, several novel trifluoroacetylated 1,3-diketones and selectively α-fluorinated ketones have been prepared in yields ranging from 20-77% using the Claisen condensation and electrophilic fluorination by the Selectfluor ® reagent, respectively. We report tendencies in the difluorinated and trifluoroacetylated products to form hydrates as well as an unusual range of substrate reactivity toward the Selectfluor ® reagent. In general, initial spectroscopic studies suggest that cyclic 2-trifluoroacetylated-1,3-diketones undergo rapid hydration resulting in an equilibrium mixture favoring the diketo hydrate over the keto-enol hydrate. Fluorination of ketone species by Selectfluor ® was found to be governed by a combination of steric and electronic effects. Plausible mechanisms for both mono- and difluorination, involving a keto-enol or enolic tautomer, are proposed.

Fluorinated corticosteroids list

fluorinated corticosteroids list


fluorinated corticosteroids listfluorinated corticosteroids listfluorinated corticosteroids listfluorinated corticosteroids listfluorinated corticosteroids list