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More great news for AAH – as of 23rd November, all of the wholesaler’s sites are now ISO9001: 2008 certified.

ISO9001 is one of the most respected quality management standards in the world. In order to achieve certification, businesses must meet the rigorous standards set by the British Standards Institute (BSI), the body that run ISO in the UK. By achieving certification, AAH has shown as a business that it is compliant with regulatory standards and consistently able to meet the requirements of its customers across the entire AAH wholesale estate.

ISO9001 certification demonstrates that the company’s BMS is working effectively, that AAH is compliant with regulations and consistently exceeds customer expectations.

Commenting on the certification, UK Operations Director Catherine McDermott said: “Achieving certification across all of our wholesale sites is a fantastic boost for AAH. It demonstrates that we really are working according to our ICARE values by achieving excellence in our quality system and by showing that we put our customers first. Congratulations to everyone involved!”

Gb standard co steroids

gb standard co steroids


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