How to lean bulk on steroids

Do you want to lose weight but avoid getting the bulky bodybuilder look? If you're interested in becoming more lean and toned, you will want to focus on losing fat while building lean muscle. Becoming leaner may require you to lose a little weight, reduce your overall body fat, and tone your muscles. The correct combination of both dietary changes and exercise can help you achieve your goals. Even though you may not see results after the first day, or even the first week, in the end, your persistence will pay off with a lean, toned, and fit body. Getting lean is not easy — it takes drive and determination, but you can do it with the correct approach.

We use only fresh, All Natural lean pork shoulder, spring lamb, boneless-skinless turkey breasts and thighs, and beef chuck--no meat byproducts. Our sausages are 15% fat or less. Every batch is handmade in small amounts, never mass produced. Our seasonings are individually blended for each recipe. We never use pre-packaged spice mixes. Fresh varieties contain no MSG or preservatives of any kind. Our bulk products are just the sausage meat packed into three inch diameter tubes.  Recommended uses are for sausage patties, meatballs loose stew and suace meat, etc. Our recipes contain a soy blend rather than bread crumbs so that they are gluten free.

How to lean bulk on steroids

how to lean bulk on steroids


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