Kfc chickens on steroids

After seeing friends and family members over the years poison themselves with bad eating habits and developing osteoporosis, diabetes, constant headaches and migraines, shoveling medicines for this pain or malady and that, weight problems, hypertension, cancer, stokes, depression, heart attacks, dementia and Alzheimer’s, etc., etc., I decided to really take charge of my own health. I’ve struggled with extra weight which I’ve tried in vain to get rid of, but until I began eating foods that did not cause reactivity (inflammation) and removing meat from my diet, did I see results. And, my blood pressure is the best it’s been in 15 years. I no longer take anti-depressants and I feel lighter and think more clearly.

I just found your website and the great (and somewhat alarming) information about soy allergy. Last month I had a very serious reaction to soy binder in the 100% cold water fish oil capsules I was prescribed by my physician. Last week, my rheumatologist recommended that I add gluten to the rapidly expanding list of forbidden products. I jokingly told my rheumatologist that all that was left to eat was the cardboard boxes that food comes in. Now I find out even the boxes contain soy and are now added to the forbidden list. Seriously, soy allergy is the pits. Thanks for the info. And I am now checking with the manufacturers of my other medication to see if it is soy free.

Kfc chickens on steroids

kfc chickens on steroids


kfc chickens on steroidskfc chickens on steroidskfc chickens on steroidskfc chickens on steroidskfc chickens on steroids