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Thomas, excellent post! There are a lot of power boats out there that develop starting problems for exactly the reason you mention. Measure the wire from the starter switch to the starter solenoid and you will find that even 20 feet of 16 gauge can cause enough resistance (especially with 5 years of environmental corrosion) to cause a failure to draw in the solenoid. The cure in these boats, it to place a relay like that found at Radio Shack near the starter. The relay takes a few milliamps to pull up, the contacts will handle the current draws for years. Choose the right relay, and we can use a 1000 feet of cat 5 for a remote button.. I know you already know this, but I add it for readers that might not. I plan to show all durign the install.

Patented items do not of themselves have to be reverse-engineered to be studied, since the essence of a patent is that the inventor provides detailed public disclosure themselves, and in return receives legal protection of the invention involved. However, an item produced under one or more patents could also include other technology that is not patented and not disclosed. Indeed, one common motivation of reverse engineering is to determine whether a competitor's product contains patent infringements or copyright infringements .

Listeroid chp

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