Racz epidural steroid injection

Percutaneous discectomy is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat disc bulging, disc protrusions, or contained disc herniations that cause pressure on a nerve root or “sciatica.” It is used to treat radiculopathy that fails to improve with epidural steroid injections, and it is an alternative for some patients who are not good candidates for surgery, but have symptomatic disc disease. It is performed on an outpatient basis, although patients must rest for several days following the procedure. Some patients are able to return to full activity within a few days.

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Dr. Bassam is a local native of the Northern Virginia region. Raised in Fairfax, Virginia, Dr. Bassam attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry. He continued his education at the University of Virginia School of Medicine where he graduated with a Doctor of Medicine in 1997. His studies led him to an internship in General Surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois which prepared him for an Anesthesia residency at the New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

Racz epidural steroid injection

racz epidural steroid injection


racz epidural steroid injectionracz epidural steroid injectionracz epidural steroid injectionracz epidural steroid injectionracz epidural steroid injection