Steroid guide for beginners

How about pre-steroid use blood tests?
It can’t be stressed enough the need for getting certain blood test results before beginning steroids. These personal baseline numbers serve multiple reasons. Firstly, they could show critical in revealing any underlying health problems that may not be previously known. Should this be the case, it’ll figure out whether the person feels that they should stay away from steroids entirely, or hold off use until such time where it seems health is superior. Also, numerous facets of blood readings can be affected by steroids, it is essential that you’ve pre-steroid use values in order that comparisons can be made to baseline, which will give a valuable understanding of how ‘recovery’ is moving on. Such blood work can be obtained in the strictest confidence with neither the tests nor the results being disclosed to your GP.

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Steroid guide for beginners

steroid guide for beginners


steroid guide for beginnerssteroid guide for beginnerssteroid guide for beginnerssteroid guide for beginnerssteroid guide for beginners