Testicular steroidogenesis definition

To investigate whether short-term fasting affects the pituitary-testicular axis in obese subjects, 9 massively obese men (Body Mass Index +/- , mean +/- SEM) were given two identical iv GnRH tests, the first (control) after an overnight fast, the second after 56 h of food deprivation. Short-term fasting augmented the GnRH-induced LH incremental area by 26% (1317 +/- 251 vs 1661 +/- 297 --1, p less than ), but failed to affect the corresponding testosterone incremental area. Eight non- obese normal men (Body Mass Index +/- ) were investigated for comparison. All of them were studied according to the same protocol as the obese group. Short-term fasting increased the GnRH-elicited LH response by 67% in the non- obese group (LH incremental areas 2147 +/- 304 vs 3581 +/- 256, p less than ), and the corresponding testosterone response by 180% (testosterone incremental areas 111 +/- 61 vs 311 +/- 49 --1, p less than ). These results imply that food deprivation affects the pituitary-testicular axis differently in obese and non- obese men .

Testicular relapse was documented in 30 boys. It was isolated in 17 patients and associated with bone marrow and/or central nervous system relapse in 13. At relapse, nine boys were over the age of 10 years. The majority were very early and early relapsers. Hyperleucocytosis was documented in five of 30 and seven of 137 relapsers and nonrelapsers, respectively (P = ). Twelve of the 30 boys with testicular relapse were treated with testicular irradiation, reinduction and maintenance therapy. The estimated median overall survival was 33 months.

Age-adjusted and age-specific incidence rates of testicular cancer in US Navy personnel did not differ significantly from those of the US population, and age-adjusted incidence rates did not increase with length of service in the Navy. There was a group of three occupations, however, which involved duties similar to those of the civilian occupation of automobile mechanic, and which had a significantly elevated age-adjusted rate of testicular cancer compared with the US population and the total Navy population. These occupations were aviation support equipment technician, engineman, and construction mechanic. All involve maintenance of internal combustion engines and exposure to the attendant lubricants, solvents, paints, and exhausts.

Testicular steroidogenesis definition

testicular steroidogenesis definition


testicular steroidogenesis definitiontesticular steroidogenesis definitiontesticular steroidogenesis definitiontesticular steroidogenesis definitiontesticular steroidogenesis definition