Trenbolone mike o'hearn

i think the bodybuilding world would essentially collapse if it was just open and accepted. Think about it...suppliment companies make money off pro bodybuilders convincing the naive general population to take their products and they 'can be like them' when anyone with a brain in the head knows its impossible without steroids....regardless, they're selling the dream. The suppliment companies own the sport, they sponsor the athletes and the competitions. And they want steroid use out of the limelight, so they can continue to make money off of selling their products to people who think they can take 500 scoops of protein a week and they'll look like Phil Heath in two months.

You didn’t give not one strong argument as to why it is tren instead of winstrol, you just said “no other drug can do this 3d kinda work” which anybody can say. On the other hand Erny is truly prepared and knows what he is talking about. Erny seems like an intelligent and rational guy not only by the way he analyzes and writes his srticles, but also by the way he responds to other people, with total respect and great wisdom, providing nothing less than clear observations and scientifical facts. As a doctor I agree I have to agree with Erny. It is indeed a great job!

Trenbolone mike o'hearn

trenbolone mike o'hearn


trenbolone mike o'hearntrenbolone mike o'hearntrenbolone mike o'hearntrenbolone mike o'hearn