Xmp zma anabolic formula capsules review

Brilla further explained, "The muscle strength increases may have been mediated by the anabolic hormone increases in the ZMA group. The ZMA group had 30% increases in free and total testosterone levels compared to 10 percent decreases in the placebo group ... The ZMA group also had a slight increase in insulin -like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels compared to a 20 percent decrease in the placebo group. This study shows that anabolic hormone and muscle strength increases can be induced in already strength-trained athletes by using a novel zinc-magnesium preparation."

ZMA   is  a  scientifically  developed  anabolic  formula  containing  the  most important vitamins and minerals, such as: zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, which  effectively  support  body  functioning.  Magnesium  encourages appropriate  muscle  and  nerve  activity,  helping  to  reduce  the  feeling  of tiredness and fatigue and maintain normal energy metabolism. A complex of magnesium and zinc helps to ensure correct protein synthesis. Zinc is essential to maintain the correct level of testosterone in the blood  helping to ensure normal fertility and reproductive function. Additionally, it helps to  achieve  the  proper  functioning  of  the  immune  system  and  protects cells  against  oxidative  stress.  Vitamin  B6  contributes  to  the  regulation of hormonal activity and aids in the production of normal red blood cells.

Xmp zma anabolic formula capsules review

xmp zma anabolic formula capsules review